Here is a summary of the activities organized in 2020:

  1. Networking Track, Webinar on Network Operations - (June 25th 2020) Webinar on Wireless ISPs and Community Networks - (October 8th 2020) Tutorial on ISP Network Design - (November 5th 2020)
  2. Security Track, Webinar on Internet Security - (August 27th 2020)
  3. Cloud & Storage Track, Webinar on Storage and Cloud - (July 23rd 2020)
  4. Internet Services Track, Tutorial on Introduction to DNS - (November 26th 2020)
  5. Automation Track, INTRODUCTION TO AUTOMATION - (February 25th 2021)
*Recordings and slides from the above activities are available on the KeNOG YouTube page.

    In addition to the above activities, the following was accomplished:
  • Creation of a mailing list
  • Acquiring a .ke domain (
  • Testing of a virtual hands on lab (during Introduction to DNS tutorial)

  1. KeNOG 1: Network Operations - 99 attendees
  2. KeNOG 2: Cloud Services - 84 attendees
  3. KeNOG 3: Security - 118 attendees
  4. KeNOG 4: Wireless ISPs and Community Networks - 76 attendees
  5. KeNOG Tutorial 1: ISP Network Design - 70 attendees
  6. KeNOG Tutorial 2: Introduction to DNS - 40 attendees

The KeNOG PC looks forward to engaging with the community in 2021 on further activities.

This is a draft of topics and sub-topics:

    Networking Track
  1. Basics: How the Internet works, How to select a router, IPv6.
  2. Intermediary: MPLS, BGP, Peering and Transit Network Planning and Design, Network Security - RTBH, uRPF.
  3. Advanced: Segment Routing, RPKI, BGP Communities.

    Internet Services Track
  1. Basics: How DNS works.
  2. Intermediary: How email works.
  3. Advanced: VOIP.

    Security Track
  1. Basics: Intro to security concepts.
  2. Intermediary: Open Source Firewalls.
  3. Advanced: Security and Deep Packet Inspection, SNORT.

    Automation Track
  1. Basics: Intro to the tools.
  2. Intermediary: Automating Operating System level.
  3. Advanced: Automating router configurations.

    Storage and Cloud Based Services Track
  1. Basics: Intro to cloud.
  2. Intermediary: Open Source, BGP.
  3. Advanced: Ganeti, GlusterFS.